Sunday, 11 June 2017


So, my girlfriend decided our next holiday destination would be Copenhagen! I hadn't really done much research into the city before, other than watching Richard Ayaode's "Travel Man: Copenhagen".

I did however know, that it was pretty pricey, turns out in 3 days, I spent about £217 - not including flights and transport - which brought the total cost to around £270, so not bad overall!

Thankfully, we were given complementary transfers with Hoppa, which made everything a whole lot easier! We were picked up from the airport in a luxury, electric Tesla car! - it was really fancy, but unfortunately I can't remember the model. The driver was kind, and gave us some useful tips of where to go aswell.

With only 3 days, Leigh and myself wanted to make the most of our time! Here are my personal favourite things to do whilst visiting Copenhagen.

In no particular order:


A theme park built in 1843, which makes it the second oldest in the world. It was also the place that inspired Disneyland!

Unfortunately we didn't go on any of the rides, which I will definitely be returning to try out. We did however win a ticket jackpot twice in a row on some of the arcade machines.

We also spent a vast amount of time, gin-fuelled, walking around and taking in the beautiful surroundings. We could have easily spent all day in there if it wasn't for the rain.

It's definitely a must do if you visit Copenhagen.
I would say the adult entrance fee was around £14 each with tickets for unlimited rides costing £27 each.

We even met a Peacock! 

Gallopen, the greatest game ever made. 

Freetown Christiania

Freetown Christiania is a neighbourhood, with a small community of around 850 people living in self-made accommodation. It's well known across the city for its open cannabis trade, with multiple stalls selling it on the 'Green Light District' even though it is still technically illegal. 

Leigh and myself enjoyed it so much we went back twice for a few beers and to sit by the lake. We also spent a few hours roaming around, eating, and drinking in the sun. 

We personally didn't find it at all seedy or dangerous as people were happy, talking to each other and just having fun. 

Definitely go and see if it's your thing, especially in the sun! 

Travel the city using Bycyklen

These are bikes dotted all around the city in special docks. Simply log on via the bikes own onboard tablet, enter your bank details and off you go.  

It costs around £2.50 an hour, but be careful and don't forget to dock (there are loads dotted around) when you're stopping for longer than an hour, otherwise you'll end up spending a lot more money  like we did!

 The bikes have adjustable power assist, an easy to use sat-nav and it really is the best way to see Copenhagen! Its huge cycle lanes and low traffic really help after a few beers aswell.

 We saw so much in the last day that we regretted not getting the bikes from day one! 

Church Of Our Saviour

Church of Our Saviour is famous for its spiral top, with a staircase going right round the outside to the very top. At 90 metres high (and 400 steps later!) the top offers a beautiful view of the city. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't until I opened the door to the outside spiral, that I realised I had a crushing fear of heights. My legs began to shake and quite frankly, I was a mess. Still, holding on tight, I had a quick glimpse of the amazing view, and swiftly began my difficult journey back down the stairs. 

We then went to visit the actual church and it was beautiful! We paid roughly £5 entry. I obviously wouldn't reccomend if you were afraid of heights. 

There was much more to see than just these things though, walking around and just discovering nice areas all around the city, and definitely go to the street food hall! I would also reccomend checking out Trip Advisor for more tips if you had more time than us! We did spend a few hours at Christiania both days, but it was fully worth it. 

We couldn't of come here and not had a Smørrebrød. With potato, crispy onion and mayonaise! Delicious!

All in all we had the most fantastic time here and would both love to come back. We stayed in a cool little Airbnb for only £35 per night for both of us. 

Now to figure out where to go next! 

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